Fundraisers and Events!

We're saving Our Family Product UPC's  

Clip bar codes from any Our Family Product and send those collected UPC's to the address below. 

AlterPet will then receive money for them.  In 2013 AlterPet received over $500 from the Our Family Products program.


Acme receipts  

ACME's 2016 Community Cash Back program is Here!

The Acme Community Cash Back program started August 11, 2016

If you shop at Acme save receipts from August 11 - December 31, 2016. 

Send your receipts to AlterPet by January 21, 2017

so we can total them up and  turn them in by February 4! 

(If you attend AlterPet's Tree of Life you can bring them and give them to us there.)
Thanks to everyone who supports AlterPet by saving Acme receipts.
Thank you for your support


We're saving Dad's Product UPC's

   Clip bar codes from any type of Dad's Pet Food: dry, canned, and treats.

UPC's are worth 2.5 to 10 cents each in DAD's Have a Heart program for humane groups.

Send those collected UPC's to the address below.  Thanks!

UPC’s from Cloud Star products

  We are now collecting proofs of purchase (UPC's from the package) from Cloud Star products (biscuits, treats).

Each UPC is worth $1.


Weight circles from ALL Purina chow, dog and cat.

Dog food circles are redeemed for   veterinarian expenses;

cat food circles are redeemed for cat food for the TNR work.

UPC’s from DVP Natural Balance

pet foods (redeemed for cash for vet bills)

Cell Phones, printer cartridges & iPods!

For each used cell phone and iPod, Alterpet will receive $. 

Keep cell phones  and iPods out of the landfill and help keep our programs running! 

We are again collecting brands of original printer cartridges.

AlterPet is a tax-exempt (501c3) non-profit organization.  We MUST raise funds to continue with our low cost spay/neuter programs.  If you wish to help us in our goal of stopping pet overpopulation humanely by sterilization, won't you please consider donating to our cause?

Please send donations to:

PO Box 552
Sharon Center OH 44274-0552

or call 330-321-6243